Football is your passion. You give everything to inspire your players, to look out for them, and to help develop their highest possible potential.

But who is looking after you?

As coach, you're the leader. Only you can fully embrace the path of lifelong learning and discovery it takes to stay on top of your game.

But you don't have to do it alone—there's expert help available. Since 1976, Glazier Clinics' acclaimed football coaching clinics and online training programs have helped over a half-million coaches improve their knowledge and skill, enabling them to command greater respect and win more games.

Season Pass Features
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Staff Season Pass

Unlimited Staff and Feeder Program CoachesAttend 1 or all 2015 Coaching ClinicsUnlimited Online AccessVendor Discount Access


$369.00 Individual Season Pass

One Coach AccessAttend 1 or all 2015 Coaching ClinicsUnlimited Online AccessVendor Discount Access

Price valid for online registrations only.


The facts speak for themselves... America's most successful, most respected football programs send their coaches to Glazier Clinics:

  • High School State Champions from 48 states attend Glazier Clinics.

  • Seventy seven of the MaxPreps Top 100 High School Programs attend Glazier Clinics.

  • Coaches from three of the past four NCAA championship teams speak at Glazier Clinics.
  • Over the past three years, three-fourths of of all NFL division champs have
    sent coaches to teach at Glazier Clinics

Coaches representing over 8,000 football programs across the USA have attended Glazier Clinics over the past few years as an essential part of their own training.

Urban Meyer 

"I... grew up on Glazier Clinics!"

"I cut my teeth and grew up on the Glazier Clinics! It was never an option for me or my staff, we wanted to do as many as we could."

- Urban Meyer, Head Coach, The Ohio State University

2006 National College Championship Winner

The Glazier Clinics offer a unique combination of on-site, live football coaching clinics plus unlimited online training options designed to help maintain your core strengths, build your playbook and polish your coaching abilities to a higher level. 

Your "all-access" key to this professional development training is called the Season Pass. You can reserve your Season Pass right now for one low price ($99 for individuals or $369 for an entire school staff)!


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At Glazier Clinics, football is not just a game... it’s our way of life. We believe football is the greatest sport in the world... and our passion is producing the best football coach training content in the world. Offering the Season Pass at an affordable price is our way of giving back to the hardworking high school coaches who are the most important and influential “players” in all of American Football.

Mike Smith

"Glazier Clinics are by far the best..."

Glazier Clinics are by far the best football coaching clinics. Here you can learn the  X's and O's that make you a better coach..."

- Mike Smith, Head Coach, Atlanta Falcons

2008 AP "NFL Coach of the Year"


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Few other jobs can compare to the intense pressure that a football coach comes under.  You're expected to put in more hours than anyone else on the school staff: non-stop nights and weekends during football season, and wall-to-wall athletic and academic commitments the rest of the year.

You're expected to set a good example, make wise decisions and be a source of inspiration at all times.

Coaching has never been easy, but it's never been as challenging as it is now.  Just a few years back, coaches didn't have to compete for their kids' attention against cell phones, video games and the Internet. It's harder than ever before to keep kids dedicated to athletics with the singular focus that winning requires. Today's coaches have to earn and justify the respect that used to come naturally.  If you don't come across as being extremely knowledgeable and well-prepared each new season, your players won't go the extra mile and work as hard for you.

While coaching high school students has gotten more challenging, coaching clinics are more accessible and more effective than ever! Today's coaches insist on expert presenters with professional slides and access to Internet-based clinics that are available 365 days a year. Glazier Clinics' Season Pass gets you access to all this and more!

The Glazier Season Pass offers both live clinics & 24/7/365 online training options

Glazier Clinics offers a fun and easy way for you and your staff to keep connected with the best people and the best new strategies in high school football coaching. You don't need to break a sweat or wade through mountains of books to keep your skills sharp—you just have to be willing to show up at the clinics or tune in online to discover what's new.


When you make the decision to sign up for Glazier Clinics' Season Pass, you'll instantly be "plugged in" to the same network as America's most respected football programs and top coaches. As soon as you register, you'll:

  • Get immediate access to Glazier Clinic Online training modules
  • Access instant, money-saving discounts on uniforms, weights and other essentials
  • Start looking forward to your trip to the big city for upcoming clinics


Don't go into next fall "running on empty." Don't plan for a new season with old ideas! If you've never attended a Glazier Clinic before, or if you've attended one in the past but not recently, it's important to act now, get your staff on board, get your Season Pass before it's too late to make the most of it this season!



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Atlanta Hotel 

Picture this: You and all the other coaches on staff take the day off work. You carpool to a luxurious 4-star hotel in the big city. As you walk through the glass doors and into the opulent, air-conditioned lobby, you'll know you've made it to the right spot. The buzz and excitement of the event kicking off are unmistakable. Hundreds of other coaches are milling about—drinking coffee, trading the latest district gossip—while checking out the latest new football gear from the vendors. As you check in, you'll get a program schedule for 3 days packed full of high-quality presentations covering all aspects of football strategy … and the subtle details of how to be a better, more effective coach.

From then on, the rest of the weekend is up to you. Each 2015 clinic offers, on average, 120 expert sessions and panels. Choose what interests you most from a wide range of presentation topics.

These topics are typically organized in 3 hours blocks with 50 minute presentations and ample breaks. Through this unique clinic setup, Glazier Clinics allows you to get deep, fast, on whatever you'd like to learn, or be refreshed on, for the upcoming season.

Get Your Questions Answered by the Best in the Biz

Glazier Clinics' presentations are designed to be interactive and personalThink of each panel as a discussion more than a lecture. You can ask questions during the Q&A part of session, or right after. And you can catch up with your favorite college or NFL team's coach in the hallway to ask for advice about your own specific situation.

Ample Opportunities for Networking & Discussion

Take a break for lunch in the hotel snack bar or a nearby restaurant with your staff or new friends. Then go back for the afternoon and evening sessions. You're sure to find coaches you have much in common with ... who'll want to go out for a beer or a burger at the end of the day. After hours are the perfect time to network, plan off-season stuff, and trade tips on what you've learned over the course of the season.


The connections and insights you'll gain during the breaks and after hours are every bit as valuable as what you'll learn in the sessions! In football, who you know is just as important as what you know, and Glazier Clinics gives you a chance to learn new strategies and make important personal connections at the same time.

You Get Admission to 34 Clinics … for the Price of One!

With the Season Pass, you get unlimited access to any one—or all 34—of our nationwide coaching clinics. In the past, coaches registered for Individual Glazier Clinics events, but that was expensive for the most dedicated coaches who attend several clinics per year.  As the Glazier Clinics grew in popularity, sponsors were able to help cover the costs of producing the clinics, allowing us to offer coaches unlimited, nationwide access for one low price.


Say you've got 10 coaches on your staff: That's only $37 per coach for unlimited access to coaching clinics across the nation and 24/7/365 online training. (Compare that to other clinics that would charge your staff $600 - $1000 to attend just one clinic with no online training access!)


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What really sets Glazier Clinics apart from the rest is that your learning doesn't stop when you walk out the door of the clinic.  In fact, the on-site clinic is just the beginning. The Season Pass gets you—and your entire staff—access to a private, exclusive online training library packed full of football coaching instruction on special topics. Anywhere there's Internet access ... any time of the day or night ... 365 days a year … whenever you're up for it ... you can absorb top-notch football coaching training.

When you get your Season Pass and log into Glazier Clinic Online, you'll have access to 5 different online training tracks:

1.  On-Demand Webinars

Whenever you need to study up on a certain play or strategy, Glazier Clinic Online's library of 250+ recorded on-demand Webinars will be there waiting for you. Just open up your laptop, click on your mouse, and sit back to watch and learn. These are full-length, instructional web video presentations (up to 130 minutes each) where some of America's most successful football coaches "give up the goods" and reveal the explicit strategies and secrets they use to win state and national titles. Your staff can watch On-Demand Webinars for in-depth strategic coverage of topics like:

  • "The 4 Greatest Pass Routes in America"
  • "Stopping the Run with the 3-3 Stack"
  • "Practice Organization & How to Deal with Parents"
  • "Punt Defense Skills and Drills"
  • "Building a Power Run Game Out of the Shotgun Offense"
  • and over 250 more full-length, exclusive presentations!

Screens, Vertical Passing Game from the Gun, Practicing the No-Huddle and Easy Passing Concepts in the No-Huddle from Glazier Clinics on Vimeo.


This online library is continuously being updated with new content – and the index is searchable so you can find exactly what you're looking for. You'll get over 11,250 minutes of online instruction for your whole staff to watch anywhere, any time the mood strikes you.


"The best value in football coaching education."

"Old Mill has been attending Glazier Clinics for 7 years. They are a great resource for us and are a major part of our off-season preparation. The clinics
offer a variety of topics by top-notch high school, college, & professional coaches. Every year we find something that we can implement in our program to make us better. The clinics and the online content make the Staff Season Pass the best
value in football coaching education."

- Damian Ferragamo, Old Mill High School

MD 4A State Champs


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2. Glazier eClinics

Season Pass holders also get access to an exclusive series of online events called Glazier eClinics. The eClinics are special topic-focused, multi-day, online clinics with multiple presenters, where you can engage with the speakers for live Q&A.


Every week to two weeks during the school year, you'll get access to an exciting new eClinic that delves into topics that your staff and players are likely to be working on, such as:

  • Wing Week
  • Flexbone Clinics
  • Spread Clinics
  • Odd & Even Front Clinics
  • Physical & Mental Training Clinics
  • Special Teams Clinics
  • and much, much more!

You and all your staff members have full instant access to the eClinics the moment you register for the Season Pass.

3. Downloadable Clinic Notes

Glazier Clinic Online allows Season Pass holders to download notes and PowerPoint slides from presentations made during the on-site clinics and online webinars. There are a total of over 1000 sets of clinic notes on just about any topic for which a football coach might need a refresher.


4. Coaches Choice Instructional Videos – Online

When you register for the Season Pass and log in to Glazier Clinic Online, you'll get instant access to featured Coaches Choice videos. Coaches Choice is one of the world's largest publishers of instructional materials for coaches. The material that Coaches Choice has produced in DVD form is now accessible in web-friendly format, and we are proud to offer these top-notch football coaching videos.

Screens, Vertical Passing Game from the Gun, Practicing the No-Huddle and Easy Passing Concepts in the No-Huddle from Glazier Clinics on Vimeo.


Glazier Clinic Online offers a continuously rotating selection of coach training videos covering topics such as:

  • Offense
  • Defense
  • Drills and Fundamentals
  • Youth Coaching

The selection of Coaches Choice videos rotates constantly. Fresh titles are available every week. At any given time, there is at least $320 worth of video available for you to watch at your leisure.

The Competitive Advantage of Online Training

The advantage of the online training library is that you can continue to learn and grow as a coach, long after you attend the clinics in your area. Whenever you feel the need to study an aspect of football coaching or delve into an aspect of gameplay strategy before a big game, you can be sure to find videos and notes inside Glazier Clinic Online for it!



"Tons of information online … weekly webinars were very beneficial during the off-season."

"The Staff Season Pass worked out great for us as we had coaches attend clinics in four different cities! Plus, our coaches were provided tons of information online and the weekly webinars were very beneficial during the off-season." - Jeff Herron, Camden County High School

GA 5A State Champs 


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Savings & Discounts on the Latest Football Products

One of the most valuable benefits of the Season Pass is how much money it can save you. The 2015 Glazier Season Pass gives you access to exclusive special offers from some of the top football vendors. You can save thousands of dollars on products and services from companies like


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Here is just a small sampling of the long list of deals that 2015 Season Pass holders could access:

Get 20% off a new Tempest FX sideline communication system from CoachComm. The absolute newest and latest communication technology, specifically built for large high schools.

Get 20% off a new Tempest FX sideline communication system from CoachComm. The absolute newest and latest communication technology, specifically built for large high schools.


Register today for the Season Pass to get access to all of the vendor discounts along with all of the live Coaching Clinics and online training opportunities.


  Staff Season Pass

Unlimited Staff and Feeder Program Coaches
Unlimited Online Access
Vendor Discount Access


$369.00 Individual Season Pass

One Coach Access
Unlimited Online Access
Vendor Discount Access

Price valid for online registrations only.




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