Football Coaching Courses

Looking for football coaching courses? Then you know that if you learn from the best, you can be the best. You know that by seeking out the top football coaching courses available, you are giving your career and your team a leg up against the competition.

football coaching courses

But what makes some football coaching courses better than the others? It comes down to access, talent and cost. Look for a program that makes it easy to attend, provides learning opportunities all yearlong and works in your budget.

One-time clinics give you a short burst of information and energy. But the information will soon be forgotten and the excitement quickly wanes when you get back to the reality of your day-to-day responsibilities. Glazier Clinics are robust and include yearlong learning opportunities keeping you motivated and providing the maximum benefit from key lessons learned top-of-mind.

Seek out football coaching courses that attract the best of breed to lead the various sessions. Glazier Clinics has a long track record of having top talent in their respective areas lead their training sessions. You can participate interactively with Jim Hermann, New York Giant’s linebacker coach, as he talks about a 3-4 defense versus the spread, including coverages and pressures. Or, get in on an interactive webinar lead by St. Cloud State OC quarterback coach Ian Shoemaker as he talks about ways to empty out of multiple personnel. Plus many more...

The best football coaching courses keep it affordable so that you can send your entire staff for maximum impact. Glazier Clinics gets that and has kept their prices low and affordable. The Glazier Season Pass gives your entire staff access to their yearlong training for just $299. Individual coaches may also attend for a nominal fee of $99. For that investment, you can:

  • Access to 34 site-based football coaching clinics
  • Participate in Glazier Clinic Online - 60 football coaching videos, football drills, a full 750 sets of football coaching clinic notes and outlines, and 150 recorded webinars
  • Take part in 10 live, multi-day, Internet-based coaching clinics
  • Watch 60 live football coaching webinars
  • Benefit from major discounts from vendors specializing in products for football coaches

Now is the time to seek out Glazier Clinics, providing football coaching courses that make it easy to attend, offer learning opportunities all yearlong and work in your budget.



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