Football Coaching Skills

Football coaching skills are like any other skill. You need to keep them up or you lose them. It is easy to get out of practice, only to watch your skill level drop. Coaches need to practice just like their players need to practice or risk losing their football coaching skills.

football coaching skills

Smart coaches keep their own football coaching skills current with today’s game by attending the best coaching training available. Glazier Clinics is a valuable resource, providing a wide variety of options for updating your football coaching skills. For a modest investment, you gain access to a host of proven resources and coaching activities. Sending your entire staff through training allows you to develop and build the whole program. You can train your entire coaching staff for just $299. Or you may want to brush up on your own skills and attend for $99. This wise investment gets you or your staff access to 30+ site-based football coaching clinics; 60 live coaching webinars; Glazier Clinics Online, offering 60 football coaching, skill-building videos; drills; 750 sets of clinic notes and outlines; 150 prerecorded webinars; 10 live, Internet-based coaching clinics; and access to key vendor discounts.

Getting back to basics and reinforcing sound football coaching skill is a critical foundation for building a winning football program. It is often one of the toughest things to do because drills-and-skills building exercises can often be repetitive and boring. Fresh ideas and new ways of coaching the basics make a big difference in team morale and their willingness to work hard and perform for the coaches.

Damian Ferragamo, former coach of Old Mill High School Maryland 4A state champions, has been sending his staff to Glazier Clinics for seven years. He is impressed by the variety of topics offered and the caliber and professionalism of the coaches that lead the sessions. “Every year we find something to implement in our program to make us better,” said Ferragamo. He sees these clinics as an important coaching education program and a good value.

Whether you are trying to hone specific football coaching skills or teach a new position, Glazier Clinics is the smart choice for winning football coaches. Glazier Clinics has years of experience creating effective training and relies on the best coaching talent to share their knowledge first hand. It is challenging to find access to this caliber of coaches and gain feedback on your specific questions anywhere else. Glazier Clinics gives you the ability to learn from the best so you can be the best.



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