Football Coaching Videos

Looking for football coaching videos? They can be an important part of your training arsenal. Football coaching videos can help train both your coaching staff and the players on the field. They can be an effective way to teach new techniques and demonstrate plays and drills.

football coaching videos

However, football coaching videos lack the interactive elements that allow for idea sharing and group learning. The best approach is to look for training opportunities that include football coaching videos as part of a bigger package.

Glazier Clinics has created a comprehensive package that incorporates many highly effective football coaching videos into a complete program that covers all aspects of the game in live and interactive sessions for maximum group learning and idea sharing. Glazier Clinics offers 60 football coaching videos as well as videos showing the proper way to conduct football drills. In addition, the training experience is greatly enhanced through live, site-based football coaching clinics in 29 cities around the country for your convenience and to reduce travel costs. Interactive Internet training sessions make it possible to continue your learning all yearlong. Glazier offers 10 live, multi-day, Internet-based coaching clinics and 60 live football coaching webinars. Finally, there is a whole host of resource materials available for use on your own schedule. Glazier Clinics offers football drills free of charge, 750 sets of coaching clinic notes and outlines and hundreds of prerecorded webinars.

You can see why Glazier Clinics is the best value in football. You and your entire coaching staff can gain access to the live and interactive package, including football coaching videos, by buying a Staff Season Pass for only $299. You can also train yourself or another coach with an Individual Season Pass for just $99.

Mike Glaser, coach of the Saint Xavier High School Kentucky 6A state champs, knows the value Glazier Clinics offers. He says that Glazier Clinics is the most comprehensive training that they attend as a staff. He uses the clinics to jump-start preparations each year for the upcoming season. “You never leave a Glazier session without complete understanding of the topic discussed. Glazier is the best bargain in town,” Glaser said.

Football coaching videos can be an effective training tool, but only offer one dimension of the game. Now is the time to incorporate videos in a broader training program to take your team to the top. Glazier Clinics offers a wide array of training options and has a proven record of creating winning programs.



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