Coaching Resources

Click on any of the links below to see the resources Glazier Clinics has to offer coaches.

Guardian Protects



With all of the recent headlines about safety of football, Glazier Clinics coaches, like you, want to do everything they can to protect players and stay educated on new equipment. To help support you, Glazier Clinics has partnered with Guardian Caps.


USMC Combat Fitness



Consider this the ultimate test of an athlete's physical skill and mental strength. With the combat fitness challenge, specially trained marines will come to your school and conduct a rigorous physical fitness challenge with your team.


Football Drills



There are football drills for just about every position and every situation you are likely to encounter in a game. We have football drills for the defensive line, defensive backs, linebackers, offensive line, wide receivers, running backs, quarterbacks, and special teams.


Coaching Websites



Choose from over 25 coaches websites and learn new tactics, drills, plays and much more. Get inside knowledge about the game from a different perspective and apply it to your game. Access resources such as Athletic Training, Blogs/Forums, Coaches Association, Youth Training, and much more.