All season they have battled for extra yards. As a Marine, they can fight for something even greater.
COMBAT FITNESS CHALLENGE Consider this the ultimate test of athlete┬╣s physical skill and mental strength. With the Combat Fitness Challenge, specially trained Marines will come to your school and conduct a rigorous physical fitness challenge with your team. Visit the USMC booth at your local clinic to learn more.
Educators Workshop
You may have heard about life as a Marine—this is your opportunity to see it with your own eyes. Our Educators Workshops offer educators and coaches an all-expenses paid trip to get a first hand, up-close and personal view of the intense and demanding recruit training process at parris Island, to earn the title Marine.
A Conversation Starter
Knowing what to say when having a discussion about the Marine Corps can have an impact on your players' decisions. Request an Educators Guide to get a better sense of how the Corps makes Marines and develops quality citizens. Also, understand the benefits of becoming a Marine as well as the various opportunities within the Corps.
Life As A Marine
Created for educators and mentors alike, this website is full of additional information as well as personal testimonies. Read stories from Marines and members of the Marine Corps family. Each story provides a unique perspective about life in the Marine Corps and what it means to serve.
Supporting The Decision
As a coach, you understand the importance of being prepared. To receive an Educators Guide or have a recruiter contact you about attending the next Educators Workshop, click the button below.

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