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Sample Webinar: Paul Alexander (Cincinnati Bengals)

July Webinar Schedule

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Date Speaker/School Position Topic Title Time
6/29/15 Jake Grande - Jacksonville DB Coach Installing a Dominant Kickoff Coverage Unit: Five by Five Full Field Coverage, Sky Kick, and KO Drills 7PM EST
6/30/15 Matt Horan - Grandview HS, CO OC Overpowering the Opposition with Grandview's Power Run Game 7PM EST
7/2/15 Alonzo Carter - Contra Costa College Head Coach Using 3-3-5 Zone Coverage Concepts to Defeat Today's Offenses 7PM EST
7/7/15 Jeff Fox - Nordonia HS, OH Head Coach The Outside Zone Play: Nordonia's "Bread and Butter" 7PM EST
7/9/15 Brad Wilson - Wayne State (MI) DC Cover 4 Out of the 4-3 Defense 7PM EST
7/13/15 Cherokee Valeria - Eastern Washington DB Coach Techniques to Develop an Unstoppable Cover 2 Corner 7PM EST
7/14/15 Garin Justice - Concord Head Coach How to Marry Run Pass Options to the Outside Zone 7PM EST
7/16/15 Aaron Kunz - Williamsville HS, IL Head Coach Coverage Adjustments to the Spread from the 4-4/4-2-5 Defense 7PM EST
7/21/15 Richard Haynes - Lakota East HS, OH Head Coach Keep the Defense Guessing with the Lakota East Triple Option out of the Flexbone 7PM EST
7/23/15 - RESCHEDULED FROM JULY 2 Alonzo Carter - Contra Costa College Head Coach Using 3-3-5 Zone Coverage Concepts to Defeat Today's Offenses 7PM EST
7/27/15 Kerry Webb - Jacksonville Spec. Teams Coor./RB Coach Jacksonville's Punt Return Circuit - Including Drills, Techniques, and 'Poison' Rules to be Sound Against Fakes 7PM EST
7/28/15 Mark Yanule - St. Xavier (IL) OC Using Run Pass Options to Confuse the Defense out of the Spread 7PM EST
7/30/15 Darren Drago - Henderson State (Speaker Change) Inside LB Coach Pressures from the Henderson State 3-4 Defense 7PM EST
8/4/15 TBD Speaker - TBD School/Organization TBD Position Title TBD Wing-T Topic 7PM EST