8 Effective Gap Scheme Run Fit Breakdowns for the 3-4 Defense - Rodney Flowers

Rodney Flowers, Defensive Coordinator, Bixby HS, (OK) breaks down 8 of their gap scheme fits in the 3-4 Defense.

You can see his entire Glazier Drive presentation at: Gap Scheme Run Fits out of the 3-4 Defense.

The entire 53 minute clinic includes practice drills, game video, as well as the scheme diagrams that are shown in the video below.


🏈The outside linebackers are run players first.  They get out of the box late when help is needed on a pass.

🏈Inside backers read the triangle (guard-tackle-running back). 

🏈Over the past few years, false pulls have forced them to slow down a little bit on the pull side.

🏈They do not utilize a two gap nose guard.  The reason they don't is that having a two gap nose slows the inside linebackers down as they wait on him to read and react.  His job is to put the center in the quarterback's lap as often as he possibly can.

🏈They are a lever spill defense.

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