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"Glazier Clinics serves coaches, partners, and our employees in their pursuit of success. We will never forget that it is our job to help you meet your sales and marketing goals."

- Chris Coughlin, Owner, Glazier Clinics
STC, The Classical Academy HS (CO)


Engage the coaches with real purchasing power who will become your next brand champion. Stay top-of-mind all year long! Connect with us today.


From all-inclusive sponsorships including cobranding, social media execution, targeted emails, and website presence, there’s no shortage of ways to serve up your content to hundreds of thousands of potential customers. In fact, we provide our partners with a robust lead generation program. Our sales team would love to hear all about your goals and create a custom plan that best meets your needs. 

Our core activations appear below, and we won't hesitate to go above and beyond to  get you the marketing solution you need. You can also add DIGITAL MARKETING to any partnership.



On average, about 25,000 coaches attend Glazier football clinics across the country each year. Reserving a single or double exhibit space in the middle of the action gives you the opportunity to meet face to face with your prospects and share your product or service. Give away swag. Collect leads. Begin relationships that lead to sales and repeat sales.

Team Nation print ads 1-1

Clinic attendee advertising

Every coach at our clinics receives a Gameday Notebook. Put your print ads in their hands and get them excited to visit you and your clinic exhibit.

Leads 2022


We can deliver warm leads to your inbox when coaches tell us they're interested in your product, service or offer. 

When coaches sign up for a clinic, use Glazier Drive, or take one of our surveys, we will ask them a yes/no question that you provide. We will send contact information for any coach who answers "yes" to you. 

shirt branding

Clinic Branding

Capitalize on one of our limited opportunities to have your logo appear with our national partners

  • In session rooms
  • On the back of Glazier staff T-shirts
  • Throughout clinic areas


Speaker Intro 1-1 Photo

Speaker Introductions

Increase booth traffic, sales, and awareness by presenting your brand during clinic sessions.

Introduce speakers at our clinics and you have the opportunity to stand up before sessions begin and deliver a 30-second sales pitch five times at each clinic. Preceding the speaker is a perfect opportunity to promote your platform to a large and captive audience, driving traffic directly to your booth.

Hudl exclusive products


Need to box out your competition? Add exclusivity to reserve all Glazier marketing channels for your product, excluding other brands in your industry.




Glazier knows football. Glazier knows small-to-medium-sized businesses. Glazier knows how to launch a new football product. And Glazier knows sales and marketing. If you find yourself at the intersection of these, you'll benefit from strategy meetings and consultation, including our CEO, as a #GlazierPartner. 

Achieving your goals is our top priority. Let’s chat one-on-one to discuss how we can help reach your targets.

Team Nation rep at Cincinnati 2022

Join us and align your company with the nation’s LARGEST network of coaches.

After more than 45 years in the industry, our bond with the coaching community is tight, and our ties run deep.

When you partner with Glazier, you immediately connect to hundreds of thousands of coaches.

Your brand will be seen, your products will be featured, and your message will be heard—by the people who need what you offer.