We combine live in-person football clinics with 24/7 online coaching resources to give you the best football education in the country. Never stop improving. Buy the Unlimited Coach Season Pass that fits your program’s needs.

BEST VALUE: Unlimited Coach Season Pass


✔️ Unlimited coaches from 1 program (HS+JH+Youth)


✔️ Attend Unlimited Glazier Clinics


✔️ Unlimited Access to Glazier Drive ($295 value)


✔️  RackCoach Pro 8 months Free ($875 value) + Athlete Builder ($500 value)

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4-Coach Season Pass


✔️ Up to 4 coaches from 1 program


✔️ Attend Unlimited Glazier Clinics


✔️ Unlimited access to Glazier Drive ($295 value)

1-Coach Season Pass


✔️ 1 coach


✔️ Attend Unlimited Glazier Clinics


✔️ Unlimited access to Glazier Drive ($95 value)

BEST VALUE: Unlimited Coach Annual Membership


✔️ Unlimited coaches from 1 program (HS+JH+Youth)


✔️ 1- Year of unlimited access to Glazier Drive


🚫 Does not include access to in-person clinics

1-Coach Annual Membership


✔️ 1 coach


✔️ Save 28% over the monthly plan


✔️ 1- Year of unlimited access to Glazier Drive


🚫 Does not include access to in-person clinics

1-Coach Monthly Membership


✔️ 1 coach


✔️ Flexible monthly billing


✔️ 1 month of unlimited access to Glazier Drive


🚫 Does not include access to in-person clinics

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*You must not be affiliated with a high school or middle school program.


What is a Glazier Clinic?

Glazier hosts the best football in-person coaching education clinics across the U.S., with 26 full clinics and 29 specialty clinics. Virtually every NFL and power five school send their coaches to attend and speak. In addition, over 6500 high schools send their coaches to train with Glazier. Packed with some of the best coaches in the game, each clinic includes over 100 unique topics. Clinics usually run Fri-Sun and take place January-March. Find a clinic near you

How many clinics can I go to with the season pass?

With a Season Pass, you and any coaches on your account can attend as many of the clinics as you want during the upcoming clinic season, it’s unlimited!  Be sure to pre-register for any clinic you are thinking of attending by logging into your account.

Can I purchase a pass to just one clinic?

Yes. Our pricing is based on the cost of a single clinic, so go to just one, or go to them all, it is the same price. The Season Pass includes access to all 26 full clinics and 29 specialty clinics.

How many coaches can I add to my season pass?

We offer a Single Coach Pass, a 4-Coach Pass, and an Unlimited Coach Pass for one program for your entire staff(which includes all coaches from your high school, middle school, and affiliated youth programs).

Do I have to be a high school coach to attend?

You do not have to be a high school or college-level coach to attend. Coaches of any level and position are welcome to attend, however, you must be at least 18 years of age or not currently attending high school.

What if I already paid for Glazier Drive and I want to upgrade to clinics?

We are happy to upgrade your Drive membership to a Season Pass. Please contact us directly at 719-536-0069 or email us at support@glazierclinics.com

What is Glazier Drive?

Glazier Drive is the clinic experience, 24/7 anywhere you are. Join 55,000 + football coaches learning via  40 complete coaching systems, forums,  weekly live events, and over 2,000 curated library videos. It has everything you need to help you win more games. All season pass purchases include a Glazier Drive subscription.

What is included in a season pass?

All Season Passes include full access to Glazier Drive’s 24/7 online football learning and attendance to any Glazier in-person coaching clinic during the upcoming clinic season.  Get your season pass today!

Do you offer any discounts?

Currently, we offer a discounted pass for Arizona coaches, and a youth football coach attendance discount. We also offer season pass scholarships to underserved schools through the United States Marine Corps and our NFL/True Impact partnerships.  Contact us directly for more information.

Can I watch the clinics online if I don't attend in person?

We do not currently record any of our in-person clinic events. However, your Season Pass purchase includes immediate and full access to Glazier Drive which covers virtually any clinic topic multiple times.

What forms of payment can I use?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express). We also accept checks and purchase orders. If you need a Purchase Requisition to obtain a Purchase Order, have the school forward the purchase order to accounting@glazierclinics.com. If you need to mail a check, select the Check option during checkout. An invoice will be automatically sent to your email upon completion of the purchase.

What if I am a youth coach or flag football coach and not affiliated with a school?

Over 25,000 youth coaches have taken advantage of Glazier training over the past decade.   We have options for both in-person and online learning. If you are a YOUTH COACH Click hereIf you are a FLAG FOOTBALL COACH Click here.    We have tons of content on Glazier Drive specifically for youth coaches and flag football as well as practical Xs & Os training and practice drills.


Get your entire program access with the Unlimited Coach Pass!

Unlimited Coaches

Every Sport

Unlimited In-Person & Online Education

RackCoach Pro 8 months Free + Athlete Builder


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In-Person Coaching Education

  • 26 Football Clinics
  • 2,600+ Session Topics
  • 700+ Top Speakers
  • 29 Specialty Clinics
    • Spring Football (2)
    • 8-Man (1)
    • Athletic Performance (3)
    • Coordinator School (7)
    • Head Coach Academy (3)
    • Leadership Summit (10)
    • Spring College Clinics (3)
    • Option (2)
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Online Coaching Education

  • 2,000+ Curated Videos from Top Coaches
  • 40 Complete Coaching Systems
  • 5 Coaching Academy Curriculums
    • New Head Coach
    • Advanced Head Coach
    • New Assistant Coach
    • Advanced Assistant Coach
    • Youth Coach 
  • 4 Sports Video Libraries 
    • Football
    • Track & Field
    • Volleyball
    • Basketball
  • Sport & Topic-Specific Online Clinics
  • Parent Academy
  • Fundraising Academy
  • Deep-Dive Digital Events
  • Invites to Live Coach Talks
  • Football Coaching Forums


Each clinic has 100+ sessions of practical Xs and Os for your entire staff. Network and brainstorm with some of the best speakers in the game.


"My staff and I have been using the information from Glazier Clinics for several years. That off-season work really paid off this season as we finished 15-0 and were the #1 offensive and #1 defensive team in the state."


Chris Wolfe  HC Louisville, KY Male High School
Chris Wolfe
Head Coach | Male High School Lousiville, KY


"Glazier Drive content is awesome, and discussing it with other coaches enhances the learning."


annese-2041357076 2
Tony Annese
Head Coach | Ferris State University


"Glazier Clinics has helped me build relationships in the coaching community and made me a much better coach."


Matt Wells Texas Tech Head Coach
Matt Wells
Offensive Analyst | University of Oklahoma


"I love the new format of Glazier Drive. It's easy to use and obviously built for football coaches. You can navigate entire systems or get really specific content right from your computer or mobile app. Plus it's affordable for any size program."


Mark Holcomb
Head Coach | Bishop McGuinness High School, NC