There's a season pass for every coach, and our Glazier Partners make it affordable!

Best Value in the Business

Your Glazier Season Pass Includes

  All your high school, junior high and youth coaches for one price on the Staff Season Pass
  All 23 In-Person Clinics
 1-Year Unlimited Access to Glazier Drive
  Bonus: 1 year of Rack Coach Weight Room Manager
  Bonus: 1 year of Rack Coach Practice Planner
  Individual Pricing also available



“Glazier Clinics built my knowledge of the game. Early in my career, I would try to get to as many as I could, and the Staff Season Pass allowed me to bring all my coaches. I always came away with at least one or two ideas that helped shape me into the coach I am today.”

Willie Fritz Tulane University Head Coach
Willie Fritz
Tulane University | Head Coach

BEST VALUE: Staff Season Pass





Unlimited Staff Annual

Individual Season Pass






Unlimited One-Coach Annual

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