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Vendors are central to Glazier Clinics

We are glad to connect you with our large and influential network of football coaches, and we want you to have an optimal clinic experience. You can find venue information, setup times, and exhibit times below.

Rogers Athletic at 2022 Denver Clinic

Exhibitor Communications

The more email addresses you give us, the better we will be able to communicate with you. One representative from each company can purchase exhibit space, but we highly recommend that you come back to your account and enter specific rep names and emails on the "Badges" screen as soon as possible. Once you do that, your reps will have a name badge to wear at the clinics, and we can communicate with them directly in the event of weather issues, receiving updates, venue detail changes, etc.

Exhibit Setup Times

Setup hours are almost always on the first day of the clinic, beginning 4 hours before the first clinic session. Details are posted below. Setup start time is the earliest time reps can check in and begin setup. There is no requirement for reps to be present at the beginning of setup time. (If it only takes 20 minutes to set up your space, feel free to arrive later in the setup window.) Because vendors are in the middle of the clinic space and not in a separate exhibit hall, please know that coaches may be present during your setup time--an extra opportunity for you to make connections. You will receive your specific booth assignment when you check in at the clinic. 

Booth SizeCoaches in the Exhibit area, Cincinnati 2022

Booths consist of a 6 ft. table and a total footprint of 7-8 feet in width. Depth varies, and we do prioritize traffic over booth size when setting up our exhibit areas. Two chairs are provided with each table. Booths are not separated by pipe and drape, so we ask that neighboring exhibitors respect each others' space.


We save our exhibitors money by not charging excessively to receive your display items or using third party companies that do so.** Instead, we ask that you bring your exhibit items with you when you arrive, or ship them to the hotel. We think this strikes the best balance between saving costs and making sure you get your booth items in a timely manner. This does introduce some uncertainties that naturally come with hotel receiving, and we ask for your patience with that. 

NOTE: If a hotel has provided specific instructions for shipping and receiving, we will post it in the clinic venue list below. If no specifics are provided for a given hotel, we find that putting your own name and arrival date, along with "Glazier Clinics," on the shipping label gives you the best chance of being reunited with your shipment as quickly as possible. Some hotels will hold your packages for you at the front desk, and some store all shipments marked with "Glazier" in a specified storage area. Should you not quickly find your shipment upon arrival, our clinic staff and volunteers will do all they can to help locate them for you. Please don't hesitate to ask. It also helps to have your shipment tracking numbers with you when you arrive.

**In a few locations, such as Atlantic City, Reno, Las Vegas, and Atlanta, we are required to follow the hotel policy of using third-party receiving. In addition, sometimes the hotels themselves charge for receiving. Vendors will need to comply with these hotel requirements and pay any associated fees. If Glazier is charged for the receipt of your items, we will relay the charges to you.

 Internet and ElectricityGlazier-2022-Denver-BW-Sm-3804

If you chose "electricity" when you purchased your booth, we'll have you set up near an outlet.

Because hotel Internet is typically limited and because speaker sessions are the foundation of the clinics, Glazier Clinics prioritizes Internet access for speakers and does not provide Internet access for exhibitors. We strongly recommend that exhibitors bring a hotspot or make advance arrangements to purchase Internet access from the hotel.

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