Attack the Opposing Punt Unit with These Punt Block Techniques - Matt Colangelo

Going after punt blocks creates problems for your opponents than a hold-up mindset. Matt Colangelo, Special Teams Coordinator at Villanova believes in attacking the opposing punt unit with a punt block mindset. 

He wants to force them to execute their protection plan.  Villanova does not refer to their "punt return team," but rather to their punt block team.

You can view a portion of his Glazie Drive clinic below.  To see the entire presentation, visit: Punt Block & Hold Up Techniques and Drills.

Key Takeaways

Nothing he loves more than scouting a team that plays safe on the punt return team.  It allows Villanova to be simple in their protection and their coverage.

As much as you want to make an impact with special teams, be aggressive, and attack, the ultimate goal is to get the ball back to the offense in the best field position.

He thinks of special teams as the "land of misfit toys."  It is an effort unit with an equal opportunity for all.

If you have a player that you are trying to find out how he can help the team, this unit is an opportunity for him.

Your punt block unit is a momentum creator.

Keys to Success

Play penalty-free.
Perfect substitutions.
Flexible alignments.
Account for the fake possibility.
All 11 players are responsible for 100% ball security.

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