Ball Security Drills - Brian Haines

Brian Haines is the Special Teams Coordinator and Running Backs Coach
Appalachian State.

The video shows 3 ball security drills from his Glazier Drive presentation:
Onside, Hands Return, & Sky Return into Your Special Teams Toolbox & Technique/Drills for All ST Units

You will see practice video of these drills along with seeing the skill being applied in game film:

Ball Protection Corners (Squeeze the elbow)
Hoop Drill
Seat Rolls
Band Strain

The staff is trying to make the ball carriers uncomfortable and displace the football as the players practice their skills

Key takeaways from his talk:

🏈If you're a returner, you're an offensive player, even if your primary position in on defense.  Ball security is paramount!

🏈The Appalachian State program emphasizes 4 points of pressure: Eagle Claw with split fingers, forearm, bicep, and ribs.  A fifth point in a game is locking it in with the off hand when anticipating contact.

🏈Two points Coach Haines quickly corrects (especially if the return is a defensive player who does not spend a lot of time practicing taking care of the ball) are: The elbow holding the ball detaching from the body and the elbow holding the ball goes below the elbow.

🏈The one that makes you fumble is the one that you don't see.

🏈If you're standing behind the ball carrier, they should be a one arm running back.


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