Create Unguarded Spots with These RAP Schemes (Run Action Passes) - James Clancy

Is it possible to be a team that can produce explosive plays and still hang your hat on being physical?

James Clancy, Head Coach at Klein Cain HS in Texas believes you can.  They are a run first program.  He uses RAPs--run action passes to create unguarded spots by manipulating the conflict defender and using the defenses scheme against them.

This video is a portion of his online clinic.  You can view his entire presentation on Glazier Drive.


Beliefs for their tempo offense

  1. Line up as fast as possible to control the tempo
  2. Minimal substitutions
  3. Attack horizontally and vertically
  4. Make practices harder than games
  5. Stay true to their single wing roots by being a physical spread offense
  6. When in doubt... GO FASTER!

Run action passes

  1. They want to throw the ball on their terms
  2. The play caller has control of what happens
  3. Attack unguarded spots that the defensive structure gives them, based off the run action that they see.
  4. The run action provides protection solutions
  5. Place defenders in conflict
  6. Create rhythm throws for the Quarterback
  7. Cleans up reads for the Quarterback

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