Creative Ways to Get Your Best Athlete the Ball - Clint Trickett

Clint Trickett's Flat and Fast concept switches the normal responsibiliies of the quarterback and running back with inside Zone.

He was the Offensive Coordinator at Marshall when he gave this clinic.  He is currently at Georgia Southern.

The play tag that you will see in the video is "Flat and Fast." Coach Trickett presents multiple variations of the concept.

His entire presenation on Glazier Drive features one hour of Creative Ways to Get Your Athlete the Ball as an OC.

Key Takeaways

🏈If Coach Trickett were a high school coach, Flat and fast would be one of his staples.

🏈With this concept, the quarterback and the running back "switch responsibilities." In a normal inside zone, the quarterback is reading the defensive end, if the end stays wide, he will hand the ball to the running back inside.  If the D End squeezes, he hands the ball to the running back going outside.

🏈With "flat and fast," the running back goes opposite "flat and fast" and the tight end arcs for the widest defender.    If they can outflank the defense with speed, that is what they will do.  If the defensive end takes the running  back, the quarterback keeps the ball inside.

🏈The running back should take the ball to the block.  That keeps the defensive back from falling inside and creating a holding call on the tight end.  To work on this, you need to do "ball to block" drills in practice.

Tags: Offense

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