Defensive Pursuit Drill - Blake Harrell

This version of the defensive pursuit drill is run by Blake Harrell, Defensive Coordinator at East Carolina University

His entire presentation on Defensive Unit Circuits & Drills: Pursuit, Tackling, & Turnovers can be viewed on Glazier Drive.

Our video excerpt is practice film of the Pirates executing the drill while Coach Harrell goes through his teaching and emphasis points for you:

Here are a few more notes for you from the entire presentation:

  • Theirs is not a system based defense, but rather an effort based defense.

  • Running the Pursuit Drill at the beginning of practice Helps to set the tempo for the entire practice.

  • Attention to detail!  "How we do anything is how we do everything,"

  • Standard of effort is hard, physical play and running to the ball.

  • Detailed about how they teach the drill in meetings and on the field

  • Coach Harrell believes that how you take the field at the beginning of practice or to warmup for a game sets the tone for how you will practice or play that day.

  • The Pursuit Drill establishes a put the ball down and go play mentality.

  • Each position coach has been given the details that they are looking to coach for the drill.

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