Developing a Devastating DLine Pass Rush Play List - Milton Patterson

The sack in football is one of the most important plays.  It can be demoralizing and intimidating to the offense.  It is one of the biggest boosts a defensive lineman can give to his team.

In the video below, Florida A&M Defensive Coordinator Milton Patterson takes us through some of the pre-snap reads he teaches to developing a rush menu, his teaching progression, the angles of approach, and a couple of his drills.

You can see his entire clinic on Glazier Drive.

Their goal defensively is to put constant, relentless pressure on the quarterback, forcing bad throws, forcing him to run (especially if he is not a runner), affecting the timing of his throws, and in general, destroying the passing attack.

Make the quarterback restless in the pocket!

Florida A&M wants their defensive front to take great pride and relentless commitment to get to the quarterback.

Their system is 3 steps and a bend.  

  • The approach: Jump out of your shoes. Controlled recklessness, confidence, and cleverness.
  • The move: Identify the set of the offensive lineman.  Use your hands/club... Grab cloth.  Be violent!
  • The finish: "Collect your pay." Refuse to be blocked.  Hunt down the quarterback.

They believe that becoming an effective pass rusher is one of the most important jobs of a defensive lineman.

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