Executing the Gun Sweep Play

Gun 28 Buck Sweep

The buck sweep play is a strong running play designed for the Running Back to get vertical down the field somewhere outside the box, usually near the sideline. It follows two Offensive Linemen who execute out blocks on the defenders to create a seam for the running back. In the provided design play and associated video, available on Glazier Clinics' YouTube channel, Coach Rich Erdelyi breaks down an effective variation of the buck sweep, "Gun 28 Buck Sweep."

Retired offensive coach Rich Erdelyi from Carnegie Mellon University breaks down an effective Buck Sweep play for any Wing-T Offense in this video available on our Youtube page. 

The Play Design

This play, called “Gun 28 Buck Sweep,” is run with two wing Running Backs aligned in the slot. The play-side slot has to block down on the “first free man inside” with his outside foot 3.5 yards from the Tackle. However, you can modify his alignment to ensure he can make the block. Both guards will pull on this play.

The right guard (play side) will kick out the first defender outside and the left guard (backside) will pull to wall off the first defender that shows—normally the inside linebacker. The Right Tackle will block down on the defensive tackle inside of him, while the Center and Left Tackle will reach block to wall off the nose tackle and the other defensive tackle. In the backfield, the Quarterback's responsibility is to field the snap. He will ride the fullback read action, then hand to the backside wing running back, and afterward execute a waggle action. The backside wing running back is the ball carrier on this play. His aiming point is 1 yard in front of the quarterback, and he follows the backside guard into the alley, where he should see only green grass and opportunity!

Running this play can result in a massive boost in your running game

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