Defensive Back Defensive Team Objectives

Defensive Back Defensive Team Objectives

To be the best defense you have to have objectives and goals.

You must be able to stop the run. Teams that can run the football on you can throw the football when they want. This will keep you off balance defensively.

When the defense stops the run you then can force the offense to throw when you want them to throw, and by doing this you can change your thought process to rush the quarterback and react to the run. This will allow you to be in the best coverage possible and to put an all-out rush on the quarterback.

An outstanding defense usually is one that has the ability to put great pressure on the quarterback.

This happens through the use of knowledge of your opponent, proper techniques, stunts and games, and great pressure and effort, must be able to pressure the quarterback.

Keeping these objectives in mind and making them a base part of your program’s philosophy will do wonders for your team on the defensive end.

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