Defensive Back Funnel and Cushion Footwork Drill

Defensive Back Funnel and Cushion Footwork Drill

Illustration of Defensive Back Funnel and Cushion Footwork Drill

This Drill is designed for the strong safety and openside corner. Depending on the coverage, the defender should learn to funnel the receiver and then get depth to help the safety or deep back while keying the #2 receiver. If the #1 receiver goes deep, look for the #2 receiver running to the flat area.

Diagram 1: The Safety reads the outside release by the number one receiver and number two flows away. Practice this drill daily if cover two-deep is a part of your package.

Diagram 2: Corner reads inside release trying to funnel the receiver to the safety. As this takes place he keys the number two receiver or back. If the number two receiver goes away, cushion and play number one.


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