Defensive Line Ladder Drill 3

Defensive Line Ladder Drill 3

Illustration of Defensive Line Ladder Drill 3

It’s important to remember that using the ladder as a training tool is very easy. The number of drills that can be used can be left to your imagination. The ladder represents a great tool for developing quick feet, body control, vision, and practice demeanor.

To complete this particular ladder drill, have your linebackers hit each square with both feet as they travel down the ladder. An important coaching point is to make sure that the defenders only pick their feet up no more than six inches.

Linebackers will keep their shoulders parallel to the ladder with their knees bent. Keep a low profile while going through the ladder.

Finish the drill by sprinting a hard five to ten yards. After running through the ladder, you then have the option to move on to either a tackling or pursuit drill.

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