Defensive Linebacker Angle Run Drill

Defensive Linebacker Angle Run Drill

Illustration of Defensive Linebacker Angle Run Drill

A dominant linebacker can help elevate your team’s pass coverage and make the opponent’s offense uncomfortable. A key aspect of a dominant linebacker is their ability to make an angled cut at a moment’s notice, reading and reacting to the QB. The Defensive Linebacker Angle Run Drill will help improve the LB’s ability to stay focused on the offense and turn their hips to make a play.

To initiate the angle and run drill, a coach will start the player using ball movement. The first player takes a freeze step and then starts running using crossover steps while maintaining eye contact on the football.

The drill is conducted between 2 five-yard line stripes. The angled run should be at 45 degrees. Every time a player hits a 5-yard line stripe, he will plant his near foot, open his hips at a 45-degree angle, and then start the other way.

Coach will signal the end of the drill by the read of the ball. The back player then will swing his hips around and sprint a hard five yards to complete the drill.

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