Linebacker Backpedal Shuffle, Plant, and Change of Direction Drill

Linebacker Backpedal, Shuffle, Plant and Change of Direction Drill

Illustration of Linebacker Backpedal Shuffle, Plant, and Change of Direction Drill

The Change of Direction Drill is exactly the drill you need to train a variety of skills in your linebacker play.

Coaching Point: Coach should look for player's ability to plant suddenly while maintaining a good playing position.

The player should always start with a good two-point stance. From there, the player will take a freeze step and then start into a backpedal. Once reaching the end of the bag he will sink his hips and go into his shuffle.

Player should always keep his shoulder square and his eyes on the coach.

Once into the shuffle, the player should maintain a great base with feet shoulder-width apart and arms pumping, never crossing the feet over.

On the plant, the player will plant the foot to the direction of his movement and drive off, sprint as hard as possible, plant and shuffle. Finish the drill by sprinting a hard five yards past the end of the bags.

I want to reference the use of barrels as coaching aides. 50-gallon plastic drums can be picked up at most industrial sites and can usually be obtained for free by simply asking. If you don't have access to bags, the 50-gallon drums make a great substitute.tip courtesy of Coach Jerry Campbell

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