Offensive Line Chute - Get Offs with Board Drills

Chute drills incorporate get - offs / base / fit / finish.

On command from the coach, players will fire out according to the footwork asked of them. You can incorporate boards to make sure they maintain their base throughout the drill.

Players will fire out and duck walk through the boards and then spring a hard five yards once getting to the end of the boards.

As we talk about chute drills you want to make sure that you talk heels in and toes out while maintaining a great playing base (shoulder-width apart).

As your players travel through the chutes you want to talk hammer and nails. This means keeping tight elbows and as you drive or duck walk through the chute act as if you are holding a hammer in your hands. Simulate as if you are trying to hammer a nail behind you as you bring the hammer forward and back again, repeat, repeat, repeat, and repeat.


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