Quarterback 5 and 7 Step Drop Drill

The 5 step drop drill starts out like the 3 step drop. The first two steps are deep steps and the last three steps are short and choppy. 

It is important for the quarterback to start his throwing motion by the time he takes his fifth step. You want to use a 5 step drop for timed routes which are quick intermediate passes. The drop should be very rhythmic and is controlled by body balance. The first two steps are deep steps. The quarterback’s balance should be going away from the L.O.S. On the third step, the QB should be balanced and on his fourth and fifth steps, he should control his hips.

When throwing to the right, the QB’s hips must stay closed. Again, the first two steps are deep and on the third step, the QB comes to balance. The fourth step is a smaller step and the foot should hit at a 45-degree angle away from the L.O.S. When the quarterback’s fifth step hits the ground he should be in his throwing motion.

When throwing to the left, the first three steps are the same as throwing to the right except you need to keep a low profile with your left shoulder. The quarterback’s fourth step should be a short one and should hit at a 45-degree angle toward the L.O.S. When the quarterback hits his fifth step he should have started his throwing motion.

The 7 step drop is used when you want to run routes that take time to maneuver defenses. The first 4 steps are long steps and the last 3 steps are short and choppy. The fifth step in the 7 step drop should be the balance step. The sixth step is either turned at a 45-degree angle away or towards the L.O.S. depending on which way the quarterback is throwing.



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