Quarterback Facing Sideways Drill

On most teams it is necessary for a quarterback to be able to throw accurately while rolling out to either side as it is for him to be able to throw from a drop back set position.

 Although this drill is done from a stationary position, the purpose of the drill is to accustom the quarterback to be able to throw off either foot while sprinting out, either to his right or to his left. The quarterback should throw at least a half dozen times from the four positions listed below:

a. Facing at a 90 degree angle to the right from your intended receiver with the right leg forward.

b. Facing at a 90 degree angle to the right from your intended receiver with the left leg forward.

c. Facing at a 90 degree angle to the left from your intended receiver with the right leg forward.

On any type of roll-out pass, the quarterback should carry the ball with two hands just below the chin. It is awkward to run with the ball up beside the right ear in the normal pre-passing position. If you make the common mistake of carrying the ball down at waist level, it then takes too long to get a pass off if you suddenly spot a receiver breaking into the clear. By carrying the ball in two hands just below the chin, you can run at full speed and still get a pass off quickly.

When a right handed quarterback rolls out to the right ( or when a left handed quarterback rolls out to the left ) all of the passing techniques ( other than the pre-passing position ) are exactly the same as has been previously described. The quarterb

ack should still throw the ball with a straight over-hand throwing motion. Because your shoulders are already turned to the side, it is not necessary to be so conscious of "cocking" your shoulder just prior to making the pass. As you start to throw, your upper body should turn so that at the time 

the ball is released from your hand your shoulders are square with your target. In other words, even when rolling out to one side, your shoulders should be parallel to the line of scrimmage at the time the ball actually leaves your hand. If you don't twist your shoulders around square to your target as the ball is released, you will be "throwing across your body" with an abnormal passing motion and as a result you will not be nearly as accurate. By facing at a 90 degree angle away from the target and standing still while passing, first with your left foot forward and then with your left foot forward, you can check yourself on these important fundamentals.

When a right handed quarterback rolls out to the left ( or a left handed quarterback rolls out to the right ) the passing technique is the same as described above for a right handed quarterback rolling to the right. In actual play, it is always preferable for a quarterback when rolling to the side away from his passing arm, to "round the corner" and throw the ball while moving down hill, moving towards the L.O.S. Sometimes, however, this isn't possible, so in this drill face at a 90 degree angle to the left of your intended target. It is now of particular importance that your upper body be twisted around as far as possible so that your shoulders are at least parallel with the L.O.S. at the time you release the ball.

If you release the ball with a slight side-arm motion, do not be alarmed, however, make every effort to correct this by throwing with a straight overhand motion, releasing the ball at a normal 18 inches above the level of your ear, with a leg forward while facing either direction.

Courtesy Coach Jerry Campbell

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