Quarterback Off Balance Drill

Quarterback Off-Balance Drill

In this drill, the quarterback should deliberately throw while off-balance so that when forced to do so in a game, the player will realize the necessity of putting considerably more power into his throw in order for the ball to carry some distance. Ordinarily, when throwing to a receiver 15 to 20 yards away, the quarterback would step toward the receiver, and it would be necessary to throw particularly hard.

When throwing the same distance while fading away from the receiver, momentum is going in the other direction, and it is now necessary to throw with the same amount of power that you would normally use on a 30 to 40-yard pass.

If sufficient power is not applied, the ball drops short, which is one of the major reasons why passes are so often intercepted when a quarterback throws off balance.

In this drill; throw the ball while fading back, while moving laterally to either side or when fading back at a 45-degree angle in either direction. With practice, the quarterback will find that he can still throw fairly accurately, once he realizes how much extra arm whip is necessary to make the ball reach the receiver.


Courtesy of Coach Jerry Campbell

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