Quarterback Throwing on The Run Drill

This drill should emphasize the same roll out passing techniques as the previous drill, except now you will be throwing the ball while moving rather than standing still.

On any type of drop back where the passer is stationary and the receiver is breaking at an angle, it is necessary to throw the ball considerably in front of the receiver. When you are running in the same direction as the receiver, it is best to aim right at the receiver as you almost automatically give him the correct lead.

If you try to throw the ball out in front of the receiver, the pass will usually be too far in front of him. Vary rarely is a roll type of pass thrown behind the receiver. When a roll out pass is incomplete, it is almost invariably because the ball is thrown too far in front of 

the receiver.

As you throw on the run while working on this drill, if you will consciously aim at the chest of your receiver, you will find it will improve the percentage of completion's.

Courtesy Coach Jerry Campbell

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