Quarterback's Sequence

  • Jog at least 440 yards, tossing the ball back and forth, forgetting about anything except getting the blood flowing and getting loose. Get fancy while doing this - throwing underhanded, wrong handed, behind the back, etc.
  • Play catch at ten yards until your throwing arm feels warm and loose.
  • At a distance of 15 yards, throw to the center line of your partner's body. Keep the ball on this line - nose, breastbone, belly button.
  • Do the same drill varying the distance 5 yards with each throw. Go from 15 yards to 20 yards and on up to 40 yards, then come back to the 15 yard starting point. Go through this once which totals 11 throws.
  • Cock the shoulder by playing catch at 15 yards. Try to hold the shoulder back far enough so that no cocking movement is needed for delivery. 5 throws should be enough for this step.
  • Pick out the weakest movement or pass in the quarterback's repertoire, practice it 10 times.
  • Have a receiver or another quarterback run in a circle 15 yard radius away. Throw to him on his hand signal.
  • Drop back, plant your cleats, hop forward to a balanced position with your shoulder cocked and the ball ready to deliver, and throw. Repeat 5 times with throws of about 20 yards.

Courtesy Coach Jerry Campbell

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