Defensive Back: Nine Ways to Force Fumbles

1. Put your face across the ball as you make the tackle; even if you do not accomplish your objective, you are still in a good position to bring the runner down.

2. If you are the second or third man in on a tackle, go for the football. This applies when the first tackler has stopped the ball carriers momentum.

3. If you are being contained by a blocker and cannot get a good shot at the runner, reach out for the football with both hands. Actually tackle the ball with both hands.

4. If you are approaching the runner from behind and tackling him high ,you can sometimes can club the ball loose by bringing the arm closest to the football over the top.

5. If you are approaching the runner from behind and you are the second or third man, go for the elbow. A lifting action on the elbow will sometimes force the runner to fumble. The ball carrier cannot maintain control of the football with a lifting motion on the elbow.

6. When rushing the quarterback, force fumbles by stripping and hard tackling, this is effective when he is back pedaling. Linebackers who get in quickly are in good position to force fumbles in this manner.

7. Keep in mind the ball carriers and receivers who are apt to fumble. Try to know the characteristics of each. By way of illustration, a runner who is the type that spins, pivots, and twists a lot is the type who leaves himself open to allow you to force a fumble.

8. The best method of all to force fumbles is to gang tackle. Hitting a runner from different angles will often dislodge the football. In addition, it will take something out of the runner.

9. There is times when defensive backs can force fumbles due to the type of pass thrown. A technique that is very effective is to club the catch hand of the receiver after the catch has been made. The catch hand is the farthest hand away from the quarterback.

Courtesy Coach Jerry Campbell

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