Defensive Back Tackling


A tackle is a desired collision between the defensive man and the ball carrier. The Defensive Man Must Win!!!


To stop the ball carrier in his tracks for little or no gain and to gang tackle. Tackling is 50% determination and 50% technique. It takes both aggressiveness and good technique to be a great tackler.


1. Meet the ball carrier in a good hitting position.

2. Eyes should be focused on the ball carriers numbers.

3. Don't give the ball carrier a two way cut.

4. Keep butt low, keep head up, first contact should be made with the chest or numbers. As the chest or numbers makes contact, roll the hips.

5. Do not leave your feet, wide base, short choppy steps, drive through ball carrier and take him backwards.

6. On contact work arms from low to high, wrap viciously and pull the ball carrier toward you, squeeze and grab cloth.

7. If you are caught in a poor hitting position, somehow make the tackle. Grab arms, legs, or anything you can get your hands a hold of, except the face mask.


1. Gather yourself and come under control 3 to 4 yards from the ball carrier, feet chopping - move toward ball carrier.

2. Keep eyes on the belt buckle and get into a good hitting position. Make the tackle.

3. Give the ball carrier only one way to go, then take it away.

4. Leave your feet only as a last resort.

5. Use the sideline whenever possible.

6. Force the ball carrier back into pursuit when possible.


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