Defensive Line Inside Crossover Drill

You use this technique when an offensive lineman has taken away your outside Go or Jet. The object of this rush is to take advantage of the offensive blockers over compensation to stop the outside jet move.

a. Drill Technique

1. Explode off the football.

2. Take Jet angle outside.

3. Turn sharp inside and drive helmet for outside shoulder of offensive blocker.

4. Crash inside shoulder so blocker will compensate with body weight.

a. Drive inside shoulder through outside number of offensive blocker's chest. Inside arm should be in a drag arm position as outside hand grabs jersey.

5. Drive upfield in a pinching manner destroying blocker.

a. Pull outside shoulder out and back as inside arm clubs inside shoulder of blocker. Bring outside arm over as you cross over. Club backside of blocker with outside hand as you release to sack quarterback.

Courtesy Coach Jerry Campbell

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