Developing Your Defensive Line Drills

As you prepare your defensive line drills you must keep a certain mentality in mind while conducting the drill. Defensive linemen have one of the most important assignments in football, and it is predicated on their ability to rush the passer or get to the ball carrier.

The main ingredients for a good defensive lineman, is the need for quickness and determination. Area of consideration when conducting your drills:

1. Speed: A defensive lineman must have excellent foot speed. He must always keep his feet alive and moving.

2. Acceleration: Initial quickness must always be emphasized. The desire to accelerate on movement of the football is the principal athletic trait a defensive lineman needs. Areas of concentration will be to accelerate, react quickly, and develop good physical coordination. If a blocker is quick enough to get his hands inside the frame work of the defensive lineman's numbers and get his elbows locked on him, forget it. The defender will not get to the passer.

3. Coordination: A defensive lineman must be able to coordinate the action of his hands, feet, and body as he rushes the passer. When rushing the passer or playing the run, a defensive lineman must keep his feet moving. As a defensive lineman engages and fights to get to the passer or runner he must keep his feet moving, remember this point with your drills.

4. Competitiveness: Attitude is one of the most important football qualities that a defensive lineman should have. A defensive lineman gets more sacks when he just keeps coming and he never gives up. A defensive lineman needs to have a mean streak, meaning they want to get after people, even on the practice field. Make your drill tough and demanding.

5. Toughness: A defensive lineman must not be denied. How will he react when playing against a bigger and stronger opponent.

6. Inside Power: Your defensive line must be able to control the line of scrimmage.

Courtesy Coach Jerry Campbell

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