How to Pressure Spread with 3-3 Fire-Blaze Blitz -Kris Rosholt

Learn a simple Blitz Technique that allows you to pressure spread offenses out of a 3-3 Defense.  The presenter is Kris Rosholt, Head Football Coach at Chatfield Senior High. Kris was the Defensive Coordinator at Legend High School in Colorado at the time this video was recorded.

You can see all of their 4, 5, and 6 man pressures out of their base 3-3 defense on Glazier Drive by viewing: Defending the Spread with a 3-3 Pressure Package


Simplicity of Legend High School 3-3 Defense

  1. Alignment--Simple rules that apply to every formation.  Players go through rules 1-does it apply?, 2--does it apply?, 3--does it apply?
  2. Assignments--Simple rules that apply to every formation.
  3. Calls--Three calls cover the whole defense.
  4. Fist Call--Front
  5. Second Call-Stunt and Blitz
  6. Third Call--Coverage (0,1,2,3,4)
  7. Checks--Made against certain formations/plays.  Keep them simple and clear.
  8. Flexibility --Adjust to any formation without changing personnel

4 Man Pressures

  1.  One of the linebackers is blitzing
  2. All of the blitzes can have a Twist call opposite the blitz
  3. All 4 man pressures can have a "switch cal





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