Improve Your RPO Execution with These Run Solutions - Josh Niblett

Looking for a way to improve your RPO game!  In the video below, learn a system to teach your Quarterback to read an area and to look for the leverage and numbers advantage.

Josh Niblett, Head Football Coach at Gainesville (GA) High School is the presenter and considers these to be "run solutions" instead of calling them RPOs.  Florida Runs is a part of his 22 video series on his offensive system on Glazier Drive.

Below the video, you will find some notes from Coach Niblett's offensive system that are in addition to what you see on the video.


Gainesville Football

Offensive Mission: To score or setup a score or flip the field position by executing at a high level with unmatchable energy, toughness, edge, and tempo.

System Philosophy: To have fun by executing on every possession within every situation, the schematic plan based on personnel, at a high level of toughness, discipline, and energy, while protecting the football, dominating the box, and winning all matchups.

System Standards: Offense is not about plays, it is about players.

Coach Niblett believes in standards rather than rules.  His thought is that if you have rules, people look to break them.  But if you have standards, they look to uphold them.

  • Ball Security: Be on the plus side on the turnover margin.  They start every day with ball security.
  • Run the football and be respected in the box.
  • Protect the quarterback. 
  • Stay on schedule (1st-4 yards, 2nd 1/2)
  • Dictate tempo.
  • Create explosive plays.
  • Convert on 3rd down
  • Score 7 in the red zone
  • Run it in 4:00/Win it in 2:00


Tags: Offense

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