In Season Quarterback Development Drills - Craig Stutzmann

Utilize the cans drill (shown in the video below) for in season quarterback development.  The clip should stimulate your thinking as to how you can utilize the drill for other scenarios (such as RPOs) that fit your schemes.

Coach Craig Stutzmann (Offensive Coordinator/QB San José State) shows video and game clips of how they teach and then apply their passing game concepts with his Cans Drill for in-season Quarterback development.

You can view the entire 44 minute session of In-Season QB Development: Fundamentals & Drills on Glazier Drive


Key Ideas for you from the presentation

  • Cans drill is a mental drill to talk through potential pressures, potential checks, and RPOs

  • Coach Stutzmann runs the cans drill during special teams periods.

  • The drill elevates the quarterbacks pre-snap box recognition.

  • The drill provides the quarterback with a 3 dimensional view and hands on learning opportunity.  That is not what they get to see when watching videos in the meeting room.

  • He likes to use the drill to prepare before bringing in the offensive line so that the learning can take place without taking time away from their work.

  • One of the quarterbacks who is not repping the drill plays the running back.  That helps them to gain a better understanding of how the back is involved in protection and checks.

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