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Team Nation is so much more than an online playbook. It's in-app competition amongst players where short games teach rules, regulations, ref hand signals, and so much more. Now ANYONE can learn football and be game-ready before practice. 

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“ Leveling the playing field in education is the dream; starting with football is the plan."

Steve Young | former NFL QB | San Francisco 49ers & Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Team Nation Teaches Your Playbook & More

  • Developed by educators and football pros to use play to teach football
  • Bite-sized games foster recall your plays and upcoming installs
  • Automated game generation using play name, team & player notes, routes, and more games rolling out each month
  • Load weekly installs, or build your entire playbook

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Now until Dec 31, use code GLAZIER2021 at checkout to receive 30% off intro prices. Start building plays and invite your players before you head home, or assign work to your team captain. It’s never too early to prep for next season. 

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