Play a Simple, Flexible, and Adaptable Defense with Split-Field Coverages - Wade Waldrup

Looking for a way to simplify your defense for your players?  Playing split-coverages allows you to do that while also making it flexible and adaptable in both game planning and personnel.

In the video below, former Lawton High School (Michigan) Head Coach Wade Waldrup discusses some of the principles they use to be able to do that.

His complete Glazier Drive presentation on Split-Field Coverages out of an Odd-Front Hybrid Defense goes into more detail.  His concepts can also be run out of a 4-2 or out of a 3-3.

Lawton Defensive Philosophy

🏈 Aggressive and physical
🏈 Players play on the ball of their feet and downhill
🏈 Don't want to react.  Want to apply pressures
🏈 Base defense needs to be simple, flexible, and adaptable to any situation--both in game planning and personnel
🏈 Want to be able to simplify gameplan for all personnel groupings and formations and to adjust quickly in-game

Their 7 principles of winning defense are the basis for everything they do.  The principles are integrated into every step of their process during the season.  They dictate how they run preseason, scouting, game, planning, and practices.  They are how they evaluate themselves and the players from week to week.

Lawton High School 7 Principles of Winning on Defense

  1. Stop the run
  2. Protect the middle
  3. No explosive plays
  4. Tackling
  5. Turnovers
  6. Third Down
  7. Red Zone

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