Sprint Out Pass Protection Rules

The Sprint Out Pass concept allows the offense to attack the perimeter of the field. The Quarterback's responsibility is to get to the edge of the Defensive Line and isolate and attack the Cornerback with a high-low concept by two Receivers. These concepts can either be:

Flood Concept,

Spot Concept, or

Smash Concept

Either way, blocking is very important in the play, and in this article, we will review some easy protection rules for your Offensive Line.

Head Coach Paul Golla of Garces Memorial HS (CA) breaks down these easy sprint-out pass protection rules that you can use for any Option and Shoot offense!

Pass Protection Rules

These protection rules for the Offensive line are easy to implement. The responsibility of the Linemen is to reach the outside gap and protect the inside hip of the Offensive Lineman to their right.

On the sprint-out side: the Tackle has the C gap, the Guard has the B gap, and the Center has the A gap. If no defenders show in those gaps, the Offensive Lineman will step and hinge. The backside Guard and Tackle will step to protect the inside gap from any defenders. If there is no defender, they will also hinge backside. The Running Back is an additional blocker who will sprint to block the D gap. His responsibility is to block anyone that shows in the D Gap. If nobody shows and the Quarterback decides to run the ball, he will become the lead blocker.


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