Tighten Your Punt Coverage with the Stack Net Drill - Trent Figg

Sometimes, your punt coverage gunners (or bullets) will not be the first players downfield.  Are your players prepared to respond in this situation Trent Figg's Stack Net Punt Coverage Drill will help you to prepare your players for this situation.

Coach Figg is the Head Coach at Calvin College in Michigan.  One of his stops prior to Calvin was as Special Teams Coach at Missouri State.  That is where some of the practice and game film that you see comes from.

The video is a five-minute portion of his Glazier Drive Clinic: Shield Punt Protection & Coverage: Install, Drill Work, Practice & Game Footage


Calvin College Punt Philosophy

  • Simplicity = Speed.  Their schemes are simple for players, but can look multiple to opponents. Execution is the key.  Using shield punt with gap protection helps them to play fast.

  • The punt is the first defensive play or last offensive play of a series.

  • Reduce field space for returners with directional kicks.

  • Utilize shifts, fakes, and tempo changes to keep the opponents on their toes.

  • Coaching points--protect--sprint--punish

Calvin College Punt Objectives

  • Zero Blocked kicks.  If you have a punt blocked, your chances of winning the game fall to around 20%.  If the punt that is blocked is returned for a touchdown, it drops to around 10%

  • Operation time is 2.0 seconds or less (If it's not 2.0, it's too slow)

  • 4.5 seconds hange time with 40+ yards of distance (directional)

  • Minimize return yardage (Goal is zero on each return)

  • Create Take-Aways

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