Best Blocking Drills for Wide Receivers - DJ Steward

The blocking from your Wide Receivers can often be the difference in an explosive run play or just a short gain.

For more on Winning in the Run Game: Blocking Drills, visit Glazier Drive with DJ Steward, Wide Recievers Coach, Towson University.

Winning in the Run Game: Blocking Drills

WR Blocking Progression Drills

Blocking Drills for Wide Receivers

The drills in the video:

Mirror blocking: Teaches players to slide, maintain leverage, and stay in front of the defender.  Then, reciever engages in the block.

Dig out blocking: Inside (Tight) Zone call.  The running back can hit front side A to backside A gap.  Slot receiver needs to dig out the linebacker.

Pin blocking: Running Wide (Outside) Zone.  The WRs responsibility is to pin the overhang backer.  Do not go to where the defender is becuase he will move on the snap. Meet him where he is going to be so that you can gain leverage.

MDM blocking: Most Dangerous Man.  They think Safety first unless he is deeper.  Read the movement of the safety on the snap of the ball.

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