Utilize These Drills and Techniques to Develop Playmaking Linebackers - Sammy Lawanson

Looking for ways to improve your linebacker pass coverage and ability to break on the football when it is thrown? 

Coach Sammy Lawanson, Outside Linebackers Coach and Co-Defensive Coordinator at Bowling Green shows some of the skills, drills, and game applications that he teaches to the linebackers that he coaches.

The video shown below is from his clinic on Linebacker Pass Drops (Turn Zone) is a part of the entire Sammy Lawanson Linebacker System on Glazier Drive.


Turn zone is the technique they use when the linebacker is dropping into a curl flat or a quarter flat zone drop.

In their vision coverage, they want to see the ball thrown.

When the quarterback stops, the linebackers stop their drop.  The reason for this is that if the quarterback stops dropping, he is getting ready to transition and throw the ball. When that happens, they don't want to be moving backward.  Coach Lawanson wants the linebacker to be able to break from a stationary position.


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