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May 6 - 9

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  • 12 Sessions ~ 8 Hours over 4 days
  • Led by 4 top-notch football coaches and experts.
  • Enhance your techniques, strategies, and overall game performance.
  • Interactive drills, insightful demonstrations, and personalized feedback.
  • Designed for coaches of any experience and level.


Get ready to be inspired by our star-studded lineup of championship-winning football coaches. They bring with them a wealth of experience and winning strategies that are sure to elevate your game.

*Speakers, topics, and times are continually being added and are subject to change.


 Monday, May 6th 


Adam Bishop

 Head Coach

Regent Prep, OK


Regent Prep

5PM ET Vertical Passing Game out of the 8-Man Spread Offense
5:45PM ET Horizontal Passing Game out of the 8-Man Spread Offense
6:30PM ET 8-Man Spread Run Game

 Tuesday, May 7th 

Mick Fuller

 Head Coach

Fresno Christian HS, CA


5PM ET Adapting from 11 to 8-Man Defensive Systems & How They Translate
5:45PM ET 3-3 Defense in 8-Man: Personnel & Position Responsibilities
6:30PM ET 3-3 Defense in 8-Man: Alignment Adjustments to Various Offensive Systems

 Wednesday, May 8th 

Patrick Elder

 Head Coach

Ridgewood HS, IL

Ridgewood High School Logo

5PM ET Spartan Tackling Circuit for 8-Man Football
5:45PM ET Defending Game Planning for 8-Man Football


Tim Swore

Asst Coach

Calvin College (MI)

Calvin Knights

7:30PM ET Air8: How to Implement the Air Raid in Your 8-Man Offense
8:15PM ET Air8 Run Game: Creating & Using Leverage
9:00PM ET Allowing Players to be Decision Makers in an 8-Man Offense

 Thursday, May 9th 

Mike Speirs

 Head Coach

Howells-Dodge HS, NE

Howell Dodge logo

5PM ET 8-Man ASKA Principle of the 3-4 Defense: Alignment, Stance, Key-Reads and Assignments
5:45PM ET 8-Man: Howells-Dodge 3-4 & Adjustments
6:30PM ET 8-Man: Lessons Learned from 30+ Years of Coaching Football
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Mark Holcomb
Head Coach | Oak Grove High School, NC

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Tony Annese
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