Building Blocks: Pro Gun Spread—Midline Option

Running the Midline Option

The midline option is another formidable addition to our Pro-Gun Spread building block series. Catch up on the other parts of our series for this offensive formation here:

Power Option

Passing Attacks

Coach Jarrett Troxler provides helpful tips on the Quarterback's reads, the blocking scheme, and overall play design in these critical videos, available now on Glazier Clinics' YouTube channel

Coach Jarrett Troxler from Massillon Washington HS (OH) takes Glazier Clinics to the field and shows some actual game footage of these zone options in action!


Midline Zone Option

The midline option is designed to isolate the defensive tackle and force him to decide where to take the Quarterback or the Running Back. To execute the midline option, the Quarterback will read his key (Defensive Tackle) at the mesh point between the Quarterback and the Running Back. If the Defensive End takes the Quarterback, the Quarterback hands off the ball to the Running Back who runs through the A Gap. If he takes the Running Back, the Quarterback pulls the ball and runs through the B gap vacated by the Defensive Tackle.


Midline Option Off Power

The blocking up front is simple to follow. The read player for this midline option is the back-side “2-technique” or “3-technique” Defensive Tackle. He will be left unblocked on this play. The blocking for the remaining Offensive Linemen is as follows:

The back-side Offensive Tackle will base block the back-side Defensive End. The Offensive Center has the toughest assignment: base block the Nose Tackle. The front-side Offensive Guard and Offensive Tackle will double the Defensive Tackle to their side. The Tight End or “H-Back” will execute a kick-out block on the front side Defensive End, with the Backside Guard executing a “skip pull” to the front side backer.

Now, this is where the play gets fun! The Quarterback’s responsibility on this play is to read the back-side Defensive Tackle. If he takes the Running Back at the mesh point, the Quarterback will pull the ball and follow the front side Running Back, the lead blocker for the backside B gap. If the Defensive Tackle sits on the Quarterback, the Running Back will get the ball. The Running Back will follow the Backside Offensive Guard into the frontside B Gap.


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