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  • 15 Sessions ~ 11 Hours over 4 days
  • Led by 8 top-notch football coaches and experts.
  • Enhance your techniques, strategies, and overall game performance.
  • Interactive drills, insightful demonstrations, and personalized feedback.
  • Designed for coaches of any experience and level.


Get ready to be inspired by our star-studded lineup of championship-winning football coaches. They bring with them a wealth of experience and winning strategies that are sure to elevate your game.

 Monday, April 22nd 


Jake Schoonover

Special Teams Coordinator

Ole Miss


Replay Unavailable Kickoff & Punt Coverage Tools
Replay Unavailable Kickoff & Punt Coverage Concepts

John Zima


Kick It

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Watch Replay Training Your Specialists 365
Watch Replay Fundamentals of Kicking & Punting with Key Drills

 Tuesday, April 23rd 


Jay Nunez

Senior Spec Teams Analyst



Watch Replay Special Teams Drills for Any Program
Watch Replay Specialist Fundamentals: Kicking & Punting 101
Watch Replay Special Teams Game Planning with a Purpose: How to Weaponize Your Special Teams


Colin Wood

Special Teams Coord

North Central (IL)



Watch Replay Unbalanced Shield Punt: Utilizing Motions & Protections
Watch Replay KOR: Game Planning for Explosives

 Wednesday, April 24th 


Matt Colangelo

Special Teams Coordinator



Watch Replay How to Overlap Kickoff & Punt Coverage
Watch Replay Punt Block & Hold Up Techniques and Drills



Jamie Kohl


Kohls Kicking

Kohls Kicking

Replay Unavailable Weekly Schedule for a High School Kicker/Punter


Chris Highland

Snapping Instructor

Kohls Kicking

Kohls Kicking

Watch Replay How to Improve Snapping Velocity in High School

 Thursday, April 25th 


Fred Guidici

Senior Special Teams Analyst



Watch Replay Scheme, Skills, & Drills for Shield Punt
Watch Replay Special Teams Practice Organization


Kyle Stelter


Special Teams University


Watch Replay Introducing Long Snapping to Your Athletes: Long Snapping 101
Watch Replay Advanced Long Snapping Mechanics: Efficiency Over Effectiveness
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Mark Holcomb
Head Coach | Oak Grove High School, NC

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Tony Annese
Head Coach | Ferris State University