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May 13 - 16

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  • 11 Sessions ~ 8 Hours over 4 days
  • Led by 8 top-notch football coaches and experts.
  • Enhance your techniques, strategies, and overall game performance.
  • Interactive drills, insightful demonstrations, and personalized feedback.
  • Designed for coaches of any experience and level.


Get ready to be inspired by our star-studded lineup of championship-winning football coaches. They bring with them a wealth of experience and winning strategies that are sure to elevate your game.

*Speakers, topics, and times are continually being added and are subject to change.


 Monday, May 13th 


Terrence Sirleaf


Illinois Viking Youth Football


Illinois Vikings Logo youth

5PM ET YOUTH TOPIC: Developing Offensive Fundamentals at the Youth Level
5:45PM ET YOUTH TOPIC: Practice Organization & Building a Repetitive Winning Culture

 Tuesday, May 14th 


Micah Hughes

Head Coach

Mt. Bethel Christian Academy HS, GA

5PM ET YOUTH TOPIC: Structuring Youth Football Practices with Limited Player Numbers
5:45PM ET YOUTH TOPIC: Navigating the Spread Pro-Style Offense from Youth to High School Football
6:30PM ET YOUTH TOPIC: Navigating the Hybrid 4-2-5/4-3 Defense from Youth to High School Football

 Wednesday, May 15th 


Nyles Outley

Director of Operations

Saguaro HS, AZ

saguaro high school logo

5PM ET YOUTH TOPIC: Installing the Base 4-2-5 Defense for Youth Football
5:45PM ET YOUTH TOPIC: Shotgun Footwork & Mesh Mechanics for the Youth QB
6:30PM ET YOUTH TOPIC: Installing a Base RPO System for Youth Football

 Thursday, May 16th 


Chad Colton

Assistant Coach

La Costa Canyon HS, CA




3PM ET YOUTH TOPIC: Offensive Player Development, Including Drills & Practice/Game Clips
3:45PM ET YOUTH TOPIC: Defensive Player Development, Including Drills & Practice/Game Clips
4:30PM ET YOUTH TOPIC: Building the Right Coaching Staff, Practice Organization & Pre-Game Planning
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Mark Holcomb
Head Coach | Oak Grove High School, NC

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Tony Annese
Head Coach | Ferris State University