Football Coach Resources

Football Drills by Rogers Athletics

Defensive One on One Defeat Block Drill

To run the Defensive one on one Defeat Block drill, you'll need a tackler, an offensive...

Squat Prep and Mobility Enhancement

Defensive Weave Drill

The defensive weave drill helps train the defensive player to avoid blockers while pursuing and...

Head, Neck, and Jaw Training

Head, Neck and Jaw training is a good way to allow your athletes to recover from other workouts...

Offensive Lineman Downfield Blocking Screen Drill

Lower Body Training: Hip Flexor

Row Reverse Fly Complex

Neck Training: Rep Tempo

Lower Body Training: Squat Mobility

Belt Squat Protocols: Isometric and Eccentric

Defensive Linebacker: Counter Step and T-Step Drill

Using Rogers bags, improve your movement by practicing these two steps.


Counter Step Drill:


Neck Training Isometric Bridge